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Singer/Composer/Writer married to an extremely beautiful and loving wife, with 2 gorgeous girls in college and the sweetest little boy, (6 yrs old). If you're a fan, check out both my blogs, "Melancholy Meanderings" and "Love and Other Bruises".

I lost my love

I lost my love the other day. She turned out to be but a figment of my imagination... destined to dissipate in the light of truth. I did not mourn the loss. Wings bore me to heaven and back to be free of her...

I met a beautiful woman today. Her eyes sparkled, her movement captivated, her breath whispered love to my heart... I found in her soul the evidence of a new beginning and a new hope... 
They wore a familiar face... but a transformed countenance. They bore the same beauty... but a different attraction.

I am forever changed for witnessing her death and resurrection and for discovering the hope captured within her narrative.

Could it be that she has lost her love as well? Could it be that she has found evidence of God's hand working in the heart of a new man? Could it be that she might also meet the new man in the old?