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Heartbreak for Hello

For my Luv and my Father

Heartbreak for Hello

She has a way of giving me a shove
Offering me a warmer place to go
And She gives me love
Even when I’m guilty of
Trading her heartbreak for hello

She won’t stop, she won’t concede
She’s seen a better part of me
She holds on and she holds out
Hoping soon I’ll figure it out

She didn’t claim it would be easy
She never said that we would coast
She would say
That there’d be days
When the wind was going to blow

She vowed to never leave me
A solemn promise to never go
Even when I'd turn away
And coldly trade
Her heartbreak for hello

He has a way of calling from above
Offering undeserved grace, I know
And He gives me love
Even when I’m guilty of
Trading Him heartbreak for hello

He won’t give up, He won’t concede
He’s made the better part of me
He holds on without a doubt
Aware He’s got it all worked out

He didn’t claim it would be easy
He never said that I could coast
He’d provide a way
Amidst the days
The storm winds start to blow

He promised He’d never leave me
And that He would never let me go
Even when I run away
and unfairly trade
Him heartbreak for hello

I have a way of hurting the ones I love
While I take a little too long to grow
Somehow they give me love
Even when I’m guilty of
Trading them heartbreak for hello


Jen said...

I really like it... I love the parallel you've drawn. Though no spouse can ever match up to God's perfect love for us, the more He helps us, the closer we can, and the better life is for everyone :-)

My favorite line is: He holds on without a doubt
Aware He’s got it all worked out
I'm so glad to hear you say that, even now in these crazy days for you guys!

Now... I CAN'T WAIT to hear you sing it :-)

Laura said...

Indeed...I'd really like to hear it with music...

Greg said...

It is more fun when you sing it. :-)
This is a cool idea though. (The song and the website!)
Could this be a wedding song? :-)

Paul Robert Jones said...

I started to write this song a couple years ago and to be honest, I am not sure it's so easy to FEEL some of the things that this songs says under the current circumstances...

I think this is more of a confessional/repentance song. It's a little to foreboding or depressing to go into a marriage singing about how we hurt the ones that care about us most with our selfcentered and callous tendencies... maybe an anniversary song... that would be appropriate as everyone of us is a selfish creature whose nature is bent on putting ourselves first, married to another selfish creature who's nature is to put themselves first...

Anonymous said...

You expressed that so correctly.

Jay Hamilton
GC-1986 fellow graduate. Friend of Brent V on facebook